Gangstar Vegas is a sand-box game with a tricky story-line, tricky here means the story contains many twists in it. Though the game contains open-ended situations still it is a tough-nut to swallow. Basic story revolves around the hype of ill-legal activities of mafia. You will beĀ  supported to ruin everything you come across.

The story-line of Gangstar Vegas


You as a hooligan of the Gangstar Vegas Game will be seen breaking every rule in the book, throughout the streets of Las Vegas you will be doing kidnapping, murdering and robberies and bickering even on petty pursuits.

The uncertain tasks that take place one after another do not give a way to escape so you have to stay alert and alarmed to watch the move and then get yourself prepared to attack. The story comes with several modes and in them you get to use a variety of weapons. All the misdoings by you as a thug and ruffian will take place in the various locations of Las Vegas city.

Your role in the whole story will be of a third-person shooter who has to muster up his courage to cop up all the intense situations. You can even build your crew to fight and defeat your foes. You will be rising as a MMA champion who would later be announced as a most-wanted person. In the story you will learn mixed martial arts and eventually will train yourself to become an expert fighter who can punch hard and can shoot accurate. You will race in streets and water too.

gangstar vegas game

The latest version of Gangstar Vegas is obtainable too for the viewers, its size is 35 M and the version is 3.8.2a. This version is believed to be perfect form of wildness. So prepare yourself to perform risky stunts, to face extreme scenes, gather your energy to take part in races. You have to stay energetic and alive as long as the game lasts. If anywhere in the game you feel like losing it or lacking behind then keep this in your mind that as a player you have fifteen minutes to firm your position and make a powerful comeback. Show the best techniques and strategies to defeat your opponents.