This ability is just amazing in grouping enemies as it allows you to stack mutations much faster. Just notice how I can stack mutation fast when I group enemies and have a ravenous active wild casting their islands. Link target. Now if you think might have missed some details on each of Niner’s abilities. Feel free to add them on the comment box below later.

For now, let’s take a look at my end game night spilled so after tons of experiments and test. This is my final build for nights when I want to do some endurance runs or probably when I’m taking this Warframe in any sort of high-level missions.

It’s a pretty balanced mod setup with just one corrupted mod in the form of transient fortitude. Now this mod plus power drift will give your parasitic link that 90 percent damage redirection you need for tanking. Now I know some players would prefer overextended and stretched so they can group lots of enemies with lava but I don’t like the negative power strength that overextended have.\

warframe abilties

If I have overextended then I need to put blind rage on this build which I don’t like on doing. Also, I did have a blind rage build for nights and tested it a couple of times in endurance runs but it doesn’t really perform well. It may be personal taste 21 meters Paul range is quite enough in my honest opinion.

In addition, others would prefer to have fleeting expertise to lower the duration of lava but I don’t like it either as there’s probably a way to cast lava more often without using this corrupted Mart. In addition, I have Primed Continuity on my build for more duration on ravenous and parasitic Klink while I have Hunter adrenaline and prime flow to support my energy consumption. Last but not the least I have vitality and Steel Fiber for survivability.

Now if you have the resources you can equip your needs with arcane guardian for extra armor and arcane energized for energy the arcane energize slot is optional and you can equip any occasions that you want or need for your nights before I recommend some weapons and set up that are end game material for this night as spelled. Let me first give a few tips on how you can utilize this build well when it comes to end game or dealing with enemies above 200 plus.

Damage and Survivability

Your goal is to always have a full mutation stack. This helps you in both dealing damage and survivability so remember the basic mutation stacking principle of night ass pool enemies with your larva. Always have ravenous active and always cast virulence through a link. Target as much as possible in this way. You will be able to build your stack really fast that you can stack a hundred right after you used up your undying passive since this build has some range virulence may travel far before you can cast it again.

My advice it tries to cast it wherein it will hit a wall or any obstacle. That way you can spam your virulence and build up stack much faster now. There are a couple of enemies that will probably hinder you from pulling mobs. One is those ancient healers once enemies of the ancient healer’s aura. They will be immune to red still and pull effects. So it’s best to kill ancient healers first as enemies will remain attached to the tendrils making lava last longer.

In addition, nullify can be trouble for your lava as the one you can’t pull enemies inside the nullify a bubble and two once they get pulled and grouped by your lava. They tend to activate their nullify bubble and enemies inside that bubble don’t take any damage at all from outside sources. Other than that there are the corpus elite units like the combo and scrambles that has the ability to hinder you from casting your abilities.
Okay now let’s proceed to the weapons I use for my end game knives. You won’t have a problem with level 100 enemies as you can kill them with knights abilities but when you are dealing with level 150 plus and above your abilities won’t be enough. Warframe Builder┬áto build your weapons and get more mods of Warframes.

Now, these weapons that I will show here are just suggestions and not really needed. You can bring any weapons that you find good for inside us. In fact, I advise you to share your favorite end game weapon for 9 as on the comment box below later.